• Commissions

    To discuss any commission with me, message be through one of the links provided on the Contact page. For Twitter, please specifically dm me. References will always be appreciated.
    • terms of service
    • USD only via Paypal.
    • Prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE.
    • I am allowed to deny any requests with reason.
    • The owner of the image is NOT allowed to turn it into any cryptocurrency based item.
    • Watermarked sketches will be provided during the process of the commission.
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    New Designs Bigoted Content Furry


    The average commission, with prices depending on a few factors. When purchasing, different styles can be requested, such as painted, watercolour, sketchy, pixelated, etc. For those things, talk to me when requesting the commission.

    For the best estimate of price, see the table below.
    Head Half Full
    Lineart $10 $15 $20
    Colour $12 $17 $22
    Shading $15 $20 $25
    + Character + $8 + $10 + $15
    + Complex BG + $9 + $13 + $17
    Head, Half, and Full

    Small Character
    Base Price: $12

    Just some small guys. These pixelated designs are full colour with very minimal shading and a basic pose. Adding another character to the sheet is $8 per new character.
    Limited Palette
    Base Price: $15

    250*250 pixel pieces upscaled to 1000*1000 after completion. These have palettes from 2-10 colours which can be discussed, though detailed shading or glitch effects change this count.
    Examples of small characters
    Examples of limited palette pieces